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Revive & Shine Hair Spray

Revive & Shine Hair Spray

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Our Revive and Shine Hair Spray is a luxurious blend of natural ingredients designed to rejuvenate and revitalize your hair. 

Infused with the goodness of rosemary essential oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, lavender essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, and witch hazel, this hair spray nourishes and strengthens your locks while adding a brilliant shine.

Experience the rejuvenating power of these natural ingredients and unlock beautiful, healthier hair

How to use:

1. Spray directly to the scalp. 

2. Evenly disperse the serum and massage into scalp with your fingertips. 

3. Works best on dry or towel-dried hair. 

4. Can be applied morning or night. 

5. This is a leave-in product, style your hair normally. 

6. Apply daily for best results.


Bottle Size: 4oz 

Ingredients: Rosemary Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Witch hazel, Cedarwood essential oil, Distilled Water.
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