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Soap Saver

Soap Saver

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Keep your soap bars dry with these soap savers!

Cold-processed soap should be fully dried out between uses for a longer lasting bar. Simply place this soap saver under your bar of soap to help it dry out between uses. 

Made from high-quality PVC, this soap saver is built to last. PVC is known for its durability, resistance to water and moisture, and ease of cleaning, making it the ideal material for your bathroom essentials.

How to Clean: Simply hold it under running water and give it a few quick squeezes, or sanitize in the top rack of the dishwater. May bend with excess heat.

approx. sizes 3.15” x 4” (oval) | PVC | package-free

PVC, which stands for Polyvinyl Chloride, is a material that can be recycled up to 8 times.

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